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25 years from Singapore size 6

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    Sunny at A1 – a very good session, especially for just $120

    Person’s Name : Sunny

    Establishment : A1 West

    Date of Visit : 21/11/20

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : St Marys Brothel & Adult Erotic B2B Massage | A1 West

    Phone : 9673 5306

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $120/hr

    Age : Mid to late 30s?

    Size/shape : Pretty face, slim figure, A-cups, closely trimmed bush

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : DFKing, BBBJ, 69, pussy-slide, DATY, cowgirl, doggie, mish, CIM

    Value for money/recommend? : Oh yes – a very good session, especially for just $120

    My experience/comments : Lily told me that Sunny was the most popular girl at the shop and that one should book a day or so in advance, so that’s what I did.

    Turned up and Lily opened the door before I’d even rang the bell and Sunny was waiting in the corridor. I paid Lily and Sunny led me upstairs to one of the rooms with a shower.

    Sunny has quite a pretty face and was wearing a short tartan dress.

    We both stripped and she joined me in the shower to give me a thorough wash.

    Sunny has a slim figure with A-cups and a closely trimmed bush and one small tattoo.

    She then attentively dried me and we went to the bed.

    Sunny started by lying beside me and stroking my cock while we had some tongue-wrestling.

    She soon moved to kneel between my legs for an excellent BBBJ – slow and sensual to start with, with lovely soft lips, no teeth or interruptions, plenty of saliva and good use of the hands. And she also went quite deep.

    I had a feeling that I’d seen her before and I tried to establish where else she worked but her English is limited so I gave up and suggested some 69.

    This was good as Sunny was soon moaning and twitching and I think she came at least once before pulling away.

    She then straddled me for a very dangerous pussy-slide and she also stroked my cock against her clit like a dildo.

    I was tempted to start fucking her then but it was too early so I got her to lie down for some DATY.

    This too was good as I inserted finger while licking her and repeatedly felt the very strong contractions of her vaginal muscles.

    I then knelt over her and she stroked my cock while we kissed some more before I lay down for some more BJ but I was soon close to cumming so I asked her to get a condom.

    I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth and, with her cheeky, sexy grin, she said I could.

    The cowgirl, Asian-style at first, was very good as she rode me with great passion and lovely facial expressions.

    Next I stood by the side of the bed for some doggie and we both watched the action in the mirror at the foot of the bed. (But she didn’t want my thumb going any further than just tickling her arsehole).

    We then switched to the mish, with more kissing, and I had to keep slowing down or I would have squirted way too soon.

    Sunny had her knees in the air and was urging me on with some dirty talk and more lovely vaginal contractions, until I withdrew, knelt by her head and whipped off the condom.

    She sucked me some more, while I furiously rubbed her clit, and in no time I squirted.

    Sunny kept on sucking me until I had to get her to stop and she went to the sink to spit while I collapsed on the bed.

    There wasn’t much time left but Sunny knelt beside me for a chat. She said she was from Beijing and has been her for a year and only works at A1 on Saturdays.

    I used my translator app to try to find out whether I’d seen her before but she said she only worked at A1 and a MP (HJ only) in Mona Vale.

    Time to shower and dress and I went downstairs for a chat with Lily, who gave me some more recommendations. (Lily is a lovely lady but she can also be pretty playful and talk dirty at times!!)

    I said they should update their website with actual rosters, decent descriptions and real photos (emphasising the “real”).

    I also said hello to the other girl working today – Michelle (a friendly and OK looking MILF).

    A great session with Sunny – as I’ve said before, it pays to get to know the Mamasan.


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