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Nationalit: Hongkong




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27 years from Hong Kong Size 14 she is a hubby girl

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    Guest says:

    Size/shape : OK face, quite chubby figure, B-cups, trimmed bush

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Originally North Korean but spent time in China

    Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, DATY, cowgirl, LFK, reverse CG, doggie, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : A good MILFy session and very good VFM.

    My experience/comments : I’d been to this shop once, a couple of years ago, but a recent review elsewhere made me think I should give it another go.

    I turned up without a booking and was met by a tall, slim, decent-looking MILF, obviously on reception duties, who said her name was Lily and I had a flirty chat with her.

    Lily showed me into the room and said she had a new girl for me and asked how long I wanted to stay but I asked to see the girl first and Coco was summonsed.

    Coco had an OK face and was wearing a black nightie over a black bra and knickers. She had a promising looking rack but was quite chunky. But she said she did natural oral and 69 and was quite cheerful and playful so I paid for the hour.

    The shower was just across the corridor from the room and when I returned Coco joined me and stripped.

    I was right about her chunky figure but unfortunately her bra was one of those deceptive push-up types (I call them “Anagram Bras” as they turn lemons into melons).

    They were B–cups and she had a bit of a tummy and quite sturdy legs, a trimmed bush and a small tattoo.

    Onto the bed and Coco gave me a wipe down and asked whether I wanted 69 first but I asked her to suck me.

    She knelt beside me so I could finger her bits but she made it clear that no penetration (in either orifice) was allowed.

    It was a very good BBBJ – no teeth, nice soft lips, plenty of saliva, no interruptions and excellent hand-action.

    She was soon getting me close so I asked for some 69.

    Coco was immediately quite vocal and soon stopped sucking me while still tossing me off but I had to get her to stop that – way too early to squirt. But she’d stop for a while and then grab my cock again so I asked her to lie down for some DATY. She said she was horny and she wanted to fuck but we were only 20 minutes into the session.

    Again she responded well to the DATY and was talking dirty, getting me to squeeze her tits and soon was pushing my head away saying she’d cum.

    Again she wanted to fuck my I wanted some more BJ so I lay down.

    After a while it was time to fuck so I asked her to get a condom and, as she dressed me, I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth but she asked for a tip so I shook my head.

    Lube was applied and we started with some cowgirl, accompanied by some light kissing. This was good as she rode me enthusiastically.

    She then turned round for some reverse CG, which was just as good.

    Coco then suggested some doggie and I stood by the bed.

    This was also good and, in spite of Coco getting quite loud and urging me on, I kept slowing down to prolong the enjoyment.

    We then switched to the mish and Coco had her knees in the air and was again quite noisy as I gradually upped the tempo and finally squirted.

    Coco tidied me up and I asked that the aircon be turned down (it was getting quite arctic and I didn’t want to catch a chill!!) and Coco went to get Lily, who happily entered the room while I was lying there, stark bollock naked – she is not shy, that one (interesting!!!)

    Coco showered and returned for a chat. She said she was originally from North Korea and then spent some time in China before moving here quite some time ago, hence her good English.

    She said this was her first day doing this job and I was her first customer (she previously worked in the City but not as a SW) but she seemed a bit too confident, experienced and knowledgeable for that to be the case (perhaps she was a sex worker before moving to Australia).

    Time was up and on my way out I said hello to the other girl working there today – Nancy, a slim, friendly MILF – and I wanted to talk some more to Lily but she was on the phone so I departed.


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